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      Make sure your site is a unity. It must be clear to a visitor he is still at the same site. When he clicks a link, he must recognize the connecting page as yours. It must resemble the previous one. The best would obviously be that he recognizes your style, if he happens to accidentally encounters one of your pages. Causing him to think: hey, I have been here before, this is that wonderful site about --- fill in the blank yourself.
    Magazines, newspapers, and television pay very much attention to a recognizable style. Just browse any magazine. The longer you look, the more you often see a kind of uniformity. In page layout, fonts, writing style, use of color, titles, headers, lines, images etc. Newspapers are often distinguishable just by font and column width. This all serves just one purpose: recognizability. You know where to expect certain thing, you don't have to look for it anymore.
    Just think of your TV set. When you push a button on you remote control, you have a fairly good idea about what's going to happen. The volume will go up or you'll get a different network on your screen. Wonder about what would happen if the buttons would change places every time you press one. Or what if a different network would put different functions to the same button. Quite annoying, don't you think? Regrettably, this often happens on web sites. You press a button but you have no idea about what is going to happen.
    Choose a consistent approach to your site. Choose a fixed layout. Use the same background every time. Put menus at the same spot on every page. Always use the same symbols for navigation. Put a logo on your page. Use the same style of writing everywhere. Only digress from this if you have a very good reason to do so.
    This approach has some added advantages. When you are working on a new page, you can limit your efforts to its content. You don't have to worry about layout and navigation, that basis is already a given. Also other people can work more easily on your site. You can leave it to them, knowing the new pages will fit into the whole.
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