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      Writing is not so very difficult. Almost anyone can do it, few people excepted. But some will write a grocery list or make notes at school. Another will write a newspaper or a book with the same words. Only very few will ever write a beautiful novel or a bestseller. Web sites are very much the same. Making a web page is as easy as pie. Making a good web site is a genuine art.
    Creating a web site is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge about many different areas of interest. Not everyone will be able to do it. Even a lot of professionals cannot make a decent site. Web design unites many professional specialities, I cannot possibly tell everything there is to know on a site like this.
    This site, WEBalley, therefore is no more than an introduction. But after reading it you'll know what to look out for. After studying this site you are on your way to becoming an expert. You'll know which direction too choose. And that is the main purpose of this site.
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