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      People often ask me what software I use to make my pages. So I decided to make a list of them, with a little comment why I use these. Only when I made this list a realized how much software I really use. You don't really need all of them, many overlap each other's uses. Maybe there is better software available. But I sure have tried a lot, and this is what I liked best.

Internet software
HTML coding: IDM's UltraEdit
   Over the years I've found I like working in a plain text editor better. For simple text editing or quick jobs on HTML files this is the best one around. Way to much features for me, but simple enough to let me do what I want to.

FTP and file management: Total Commander
    This one is a true GEM. I never really understood the way Microsoft wants me to 'explore' my computer. It's just incredibly clumsy and impractical. In the good (?) old days of DOS, I loved Norton Commander, which is quite similar. But WinCmd is simply unbeatable in Windows. A great feature is the transparent approach of compressed files, as if they were directories. The latest version also has a fine FTP client built in. You'll ditch Explorer right away, once you've tried the real thing. An outstanding job from Christian Ghisler.

Link rot checker: WebQA
    Simply a great job from Tetranet. No other link checker comes even close. Very fast since it simultaneously checks up to thirty links. Very thorough reports, direct viewing of page AND code within the program itself. Formerly known as Linkbot.

HTML reference: HTML Reference Library
    Another outstanding job, a very comprehensive reference on HTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets and the lot. No competition at all, and best of all: completely FREE. Only one annoyance: you need to have Internet Explorer and HTMLhelp installed to be able use it.

Telnet/SSH: Secure CRT
    I started using this one, when my provider switched from telnet to ssh (secure shell). Probably a good idea, since telnet is quite insecure. For basic telnet the windows client generally suffices.

Web server: Apache HTTPd
    I'm not running my own server, however I do use one to test my cgi scripts. Apache is the most popular, and probably the best general purpose web server on the market today. I't an open software project, so it's completely free.

PERL : Activestate Perl
    For web programming (cgi) I currently only use PERL. Also an open source effort, Activestate maintains the most used windows version.

Bitmap editing: Adobe Photoshop
    Very expensive and way to many features, but simply the best editor on the market. Recently a nice freeware replacement has come up, which you may want to have a look at. It's called GIMP short for GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Vector graphics: Xara X
    The opposite: very cheap, fast, and enough power for me. Quite compact in comparison to other popular vector editing software, but it does what I need to do with it.

Graphics viewer: IrfanView
    This is a great graphics viewer, capable of viewing and converting almost any type of graphics. Includes twain scanning support and has (limited) editing capabilities.

Other related software
Dictionary/thesaurus: WordWeb
    Completely free, very handy when you are writing texts and just can't come up with the right words. Not being a native English speaker, I often find my vocabulary a bit limited, using the same words over and over again. This one's been a great help to me.

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