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    These templates can be edited in several ways. The best way of course, is to directly edit the html. If you are unfamiliar with html, you may want to study the html tutorials on this site. To help you out a bit, there are several comment tags in the code, for example <!-- page below here -->. Here you can put your own text and images.

    You can also use Netscape composer or Frontpage Express. You will have less control over the layout and the html, but it should work ok. You don't need to download the zip file then. Just open the template of your liking directly in the editor, and save it at your harddisk.

    To create extra buttons you can use the button editor. The graphics can also be edited with a graphics editor like Paint Shop Pro, or CorelXara. If you do cannot reproduce the font, use the blank button, and make all new buttons, with a font of your choosing.

Suggested working order

  1. download a zipped template
  2. unzip it in an empty directory, create a new one if necessary
  3. remove the buttons you won't use
  4. edit the links of the buttons you do use to connect to the related pages
  5. change the title and header of the page
  6. add the items you want to have on every page, keep all files in one directory
  7. add meta tags to the file, you can use metamake to generate these.
  8. copy the template as many times as you want pages on your site
  9. edit the individual pages
  10. test the pages locally, make sure all links work and all images are visible
  11. upload all files to your web server

    If you do it this way, you will prevent a lot of unnecessary work and disappointment. Good luck with your new web site.

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