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StudyWeb Award

      Just a few of the many, many letters I got from visitors. Thank you all for your kind words. Thank you all for your great comments, that helped me make this site to what it is today. I could not have done this job without the feedback I got. Many thanks.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent web design ideas. I do believe it's the most clearly written and complete site I've found on the subject.

Clint Norwood

Good page, I'm building a web site for my friends coffee shop and I got to your page from Lorenz Graf's HTML editor home page. Even though Lorenz provides all the tags on buttons and such, it was nice to read through your tutorial and learn a few things that I had taken for granted. Thanx.

Louis Doench

Extremely informative
I found your words extremely informative. Thanks!

Henry Weesie

HTML course
I just wanted to thank you for the beginners course with this e-mail. I am already making web pages but I am using a WYSIWYG editor to do this. I know zero point zero about HTML. That's why I was so pleased when I finally encountered a page where clearly and yet simple was explained how the basic principles of html work. I think I will benefit very much from it in the future. My interest in html coding has been aroused anyway, I am going to practice a lot in making pages to expand my knowledge further. Thank you very much.

Joost Clevis

HTML course
Your course helped me a great deal! It is just about all clear to me now and written in a way even I can understand it. Many thanks.


Dear Gerben
Compliments on you WEBalley pages. As well in contents as in form they are a joy to read and to look at.

Jan-Willem Swane

Dear Gerben,
Thanks to your course I now can make a reasonable home page, have a look at www.xs4all.nl/~telemax/.

Marcel van der Velde

Nice alley
Congratulations on your work, and I hope many HTML starters may see your site first, so they will not be contaminated by that very ugly tittle tattle that others publish about design.

Wim Strecker

I knew NOTHING about how to get started learning about web page creation. Your crash course was excellent and will probably become my bible for a while. Thank you so much for simplifying a very complicated venture for a novice. I'll be in touch. Again, thanks,

Pat Hunt

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