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      If you like this site, then why don't you help me promote it. The best thing to do is to put up a link at your web site. A simple text link is enough, preferably at your home page, preferably to the top of the page. Why? Search engines rate sites by the amount of links referring to them. Just add the folowing code to your site.

<a href="http://www.weballey.net/">WEBalley - web publishing made easy</a>

This will show up like:

WEBalley - web publishing made easy

    You may request a reciprocal link if you like. Just press the add a site link and enter your site details. I will add a link to your page if appropriate. Please understand I can only link sites geared toward a general audience.
    You may link to my site by using any of the banners or buttons. You may also make a simple text link. For faster access you are advised to copy the image and put it at your own site. Linking to the image on my site may give unexpected results.
    If you are a graphics designer you are invited to create a banner or button for this site. If I like it I will add it here an mention your name with a link to a page of your choice.
    Please do only link to my home page, since I sometimes rearrange the site. You might otherwise end up with a dead link. The home page will always be there. At least as long as this provider remains in business, and Network Solutions doesn't mess up.

Home page

http://www.weballey.net/ (English)
http://www.weballey.net/russian/ (Russian)
http://www.weballey.nl/ (Nederlands)


WEBalley banner

WEBalley banner
Banner created by Jon Pielak


WEBalley button

WEBalley button

WEBalley button
Button created by Jon Pielak

WEBalley button
Button created by Bruce Stawicki

WEBalley WEBalley
Buttons created by Ahmed Sarfaraz

Anonymous artist

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