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    All sites, 12 MB, online upload/editor, guestbook, forum.

Freeservers.com Free Web Space
    Absolutely the best free web page provider on the Web. Freeservers.com offers free web hosting, free e-mail, free web site creation and design. Get your free web space today!

    All sites, 25 MB, pop and web based e-mail, PHP, SSI, CGI, MySQL, online editors, forum, guestbook, ffa page, banners on all pages, free domain hosting (http://www.yourname.com).

    Private sites, online editor only, 15 pages, pop email account.

WebSiteManager Cafe
    Free host that lets you create and host a template based site and/or store.

Free Prohosting
    Private home pages, 10 MB, CGI, SSI. Great features, but absolutely NO support. It may take a long time before your account becomes available. Popup advertising windows.

    100 mb free web space clutter-free (just FTP basics) restriction-free (just about) clean interface & design keeps it simple

Servernova, free web hosting - servernova.com
    Servernova is the easiest to use FREE Web hosts giving FREE Web space to everyone. Get a FREE Web site with unlimited bandwidth!

MultiMania (France)
    Private home pages, up to 20 MB, pop e-mail.

Virtual Avenue
    All home pages, 20 MB, e-mail forwarding, FTP upload, online site manager, CGI, frontpage support, free subdomain, banners at all pages.

    All sites, 50 MB, e-mail, internet access (UK only), banners.

Active.com Sports
    Free webspace for community sports related sites, community, website wizard, fundraising.

    All home pages, 30 MB (more on request), guestbook, chat, formmail, online editor and file manager, clipart, banners at top of all pages.

Get 100 Megs of Free Web Space
    100mb of free webspace, plus you get 100 free impressions, tools, scripts, and VIP service to partner sites!

    All sites, 15 MB, CGI, PHP4 and SSI support, .htaccess, sendmail, FTP upload, e-mail, short "you.f2g.net URL, no forced ads

    All sites, 10MB (more on request), FTP upload, web based e-mail, CGI, form mailer, postcards, banners on all pages (you are paid revenues), free domain hosting (www.yourname.com).

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