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Top : Software : Browsers

NSCA Mosaic
    The original graphical web browser, not currently updated anymore. Just interesting from a historical point of view (freeware).

Netscape Navigator
    The first great graphical web browser, partly responsible for the boom of the internet in the early nineties (freeware).

    The classic text only web browser. Interesting for visually handicapped persons, as it displays only text.

    Probably the only graphical DOS web browser, can run on pretty archaic hardware (shareware).

evolt.org - Browser Archive
    Listing of all web browsers, including all older releases. Great site if you're interested in history and development of this software.

Micro$oft Internet Explorer
    After a terrible start, currently a pretty decent browser. The most used one nowadays ('freeware', part of Windows).

    One of the last men standing against the big ones. A fast and small shareware/adware browser from Norway.

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