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Top : Site tools : Monitoring

    Every time YOUR website changes we will notify your visitors.

    Another website monitoring service.

    Around-the-clock network monitoring, alerting and recovery software. 42 monitors, 12 alerts, multiple recovery solutions, website link checking, ease of use, web-based deployment and reporting.

    External web site monitoring of Internet-based applications and scripts. Reporting services include instant notification via e-mail, pager and phone.

    Customized web site monitoring services to ensure your web site is up and functioning properly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Free limited option available.

Keynote Red alert
    Monitoring service that checks your Internet connection, Web servers, and CGIs at least four times each hour, and e-mails or pages you whenever your site becomes inaccessible, returns incorrect data, or responds slowly to connection requests.

Spyonit.com Spybuilder
    This free tool lets you have the "SpyBuilder Wizard" on your site so that users may click on it to be notified every time your web page changes. Notifies the user via different methods.

    FREE Web site monitoring and error notification system for Web sites on the Internet. InternetSeer.com continuously monitors Web sites on the Internet and immediately sends error notifications by e-mail when it detects a problem.

NodeBlue.net - Affordable Website Monitoring!
    Provides affordable website monitoring, alerting, and downtime tracking. Free monitoring for new signups.

AardvarkTracking.net - Realtime Web site visitor t...
    AardvarkTracking.net is more than just a counter - it's an excellent product that allows you to analyse not only how many hits and visitors your site is receiving, but also where the traffic is coming...

    Internet and website monitoring service. As soon as your network, server or web site goes down the software will email or page you. Checks http, ftp, email, https and even custom TCP/IP enabled devices.

Alertra Website Monitoring Service
    Website monitoring service checks your site remotely from worldwide monitoring stations as often as once every minute. Receive an e-mail or phone call when your site goes down.

    SiteAngel simulates a customer's true end-to-end experience at a web site. SiteAngel measures service level management and the overall performance of a web site.

SEVENtwentyfour Inc. Services
    Link Rot Is Eating Your Web Site We Can Help. Without constant attention, links go bad and sites deteriorate. By hearing from us instead of their customers, our clients in more than 50 countries protect their image and their business.

Website Monitoring from Uptime100
    Uptime100 provides Website and Service monitoring for FTSE100, AIM and Techmark companies, and Internet Ventures across Europe. We provide alerts via email, SMS/text message, and voice telephone.

Watch MyServer
    We keep watch on your server send an SMS alert to your mobile phone if your server goes down. All you need to use this service is a valid GSM mobile phone number. (temporarily offline)

    A free service that monitors your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and notifies you when your site goes down.

1stMonitor - Web Site Monitoring
    Tells you when a web site is down or new content has been posted. Easy and simple to use. Email notification. Weekly and monthly reports. Instant setup.

    Web site monitoring service. Tests sites and servers up to 12 times each hour. Alerts by E-mail or pager if site is unreachable.

Reliagility, Inc
    We offer a full range of solutions that help you know when your site is down and why. Pages, e-mails, and an always-on, 24/7 resource for information about your site and your systems. HTTP post, traceroute, cookies, sessions, ping are supported.

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