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Top : Programming : Perl : Tutorials

DBI (12)

NSCA - Perl Tutorial
    Introduction to perl for people with some basic programming knowledge.

    Tom Christiansen's introduction to object oriented programmingin perl.

Robert's Perl Tutorial
    A basic Perl course primarily for use on Win32 platforms. It assumes that the reader knows nothing of programming whatsoever, but needs a solid grounding for further work. (cached version at google)

Introduction to Perl
    Introductory course to perl for people with some programming experience in another language.

Special Edition, Using Perl for Web Programming
    This book is about a clever little programming language called Perl and how you can use it to make the most of your World Wide Web server.

Take 10 Minutes to Learn (TM) - PERL
    PERL tutorial for the first-timer. 10 minutes of copying and pasting - learn by doing.

Effective Perl Programming
    Good tutorial if you already have some perl programming experience.

CGI Programming 101
    Learn CGI today with this easy-to-follow online tutorial. Lots of helpful examples. No programming experience needed.

Perl Tutorial
    A "getting started" tutorial on perl. Nice tutorial with self test quizzes along the way.

    Previous issues of weekly features and columns, from your About.com Guide

An interactive introduction to HTML and CGI
    HTML WWW CGI web guide interactive courseware introduction

Perl Archive - Learning Center
    10 Articles, including Perl Here-Docs, Variable Interpolation, Common Web Site Design Mistakes and more.

Perl tutorial
    This is the start of a tutorial on Perl, originally run by me, Nik Silver, as the first part of a one-day hands-on workshop at the School of Computer Studies, University of Leeds, in the UK.

WebReference - perl
    Perl tutorials and resources.

A Beginner's Guide to Perl
    This guide is designed to fill a specific gap: there's no simple, comprehensive, straightforward introduction to the basics of Perl freely available on the 'net (that I know of.)

Perl 5 By Example
    Reading Perl 5 by Example is the easiest way to learn Perl! Teach yourself Internet programming and CGI scripting.

Encoding and decoding URLs
    Encoding and decoding URLs (including decimal to hex conversion) in perl.

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