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CSS Layouts - saila.com
    With the advent of standard-compliant browsers like Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6.x, and Opera, Web developers began a concerted effort to develop valid Web pages using cascading style sheets instead of the traditional tables.

CSS layout techniques (glish.com)
    A resource for web designers and developers who want to learn CSS layout techniques to replace archaic table-based web page layouts..

Introduction to CSS Layout
    In this article I'll explain why CSS is in many ways preferable to using tables for layout, and then I'll show you some CSS layout techniques using a complete re-coding of the Apple Internet Developer home page as an example.

Advanced CSS Layouts
    Learn how to use CSS to layout your pages without tables. This step by step tutorial shows how we duplicated WebReference.com's home page tabled layout using CSS.

The Layout Reservoir - BlueRobot
    CSS layout templates that will work in most browsers, using very little code.

CSS Page Layout
    How to use CSS for page layout, and to separate content from appearance.

    css/edge is intended, first and foremost, to be as relentlessly creative with CSS as we have been practical all these years. It does not exist to present or explain safe cross-browser techniques; in fact, almost the opposite.

Box Lessons
    Workarounds for CSS browser issues.

WebDev - CSS Layout Templates
    Several Free CSS Layout Templates, compatible with most browsers.

ImaginaryWorld.net Templates
    A set of css/html templates that will work in most browsers, exept in Netscape 4.7.

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