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Top : Graphics : Miscellaneous

Treecity - flash webmaster
    FREE resources for all levels of flashers, including: 3d vector graphics; buttons; text fx; special fx; animations; quality links; ORIGINAL loops. There are also articles on design and awards and our very own World's Top award program.

    Optimize site size and download times of JPEG and GIF images by up to 90%. Free JPEG and GIF compression tool works automatically from a local disk, ftp or www. Shrink photos, auction images, banners,...

PC Resources for Photoshop
    PC Resources for Photoshop, your best source for support of the PC version of Photoshop.

Under construction
    Some thoughts on why not to use under construction signs on your site.

Gif Wizard - image size reduction

Palette Man
    Online utility to help you select a color scheme for your website.

GIF89a-based Animation for the WWW
    Info on how animated gifs work, and how you can create them.

Chami.com Online JPEG Compressor
    Online JPEG compressor can help you to make your pages load faster by reducing the size of your JPEG files. It will display multiple versions of a given image compressed at different levels for you to...

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