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      In order to do something with the data, you will need to submit the form. This can be done by leaving the cursor in the text box, and pressing the enter button on your keyboard. The form you created on the previous page is completely valid. Most forms however have a submit button to do this. Such a button makes it clearer to your visitor what to do. So let's add such a button.

<INPUT TYPE="submit">

    A button is just another input element. So you use the input tag again. Since it is not the default text box, you need an attribute to tell the browser it is a submit button. By just specifying the type, you will get a default text. This text depends on the browser you are using, it will most likely read "Submit Query" or something similar in your own language.

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">

    You can change this caption with the VALUE attribute of the input tag. You can use any text you like here. Just keep it short and simple, to avoid confusion. If you don't know what to use, just stick with "Submit".

<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset">

    There is another thing you will often use in conjunction with the submit button. The RESET button will reset the form to its default state. In this case that is an empty box. If you enter a text in the form and press the Reset button, the box will be cleared. The form will not be submitted.

<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="submit" VALUE="A">

    You can name the submit button like any other form field. The name and value will be sent with the form. You can put more than one submit button in a form, they will all work. You can also use several buttons with different captions. Only the button you push will be sent.

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Press me">
onClick="javascript:alert('You pressed a button')">

    A final button type is the plain button. It can only be used in combination with javascript, it has no function with cgi.

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