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  Gerben Hoekstra     My name is Gerben Hoekstra, and I was born in 1961. I live in Groningen, capital of the province Groningen, in the north of The Netherlands. I was born and raised in that city too. Until my fifth birthday I lived on a ship, my father was a skipper. After that we lived in my home town. I went to highschool there, and studied architecture at the Groningen Polytechnic.
    Since then I have been employed at several companies, as system operator and project manager. Mainly however I worked as a draughtsman, engineering buildings with AutoCAD, at several architects and engineering agencies. Currently I am getting more and more involved in professional web crafting and programming.
    I live in a private owned house, a ground level apartment with a magnificent view to a pond, gardens in front and at the back of the house. Done a lot of redecorating. In the summertime I like to sit at my garden, and work in it as well.

    I spend a lot of my time at the internet. Just surfing, trying out new software, making web pages etc. I have an interest for technical stuff, languages, linguistics, writing, design, reading, information transfer and so on. My interest in the internet follows naturally. This hobby is getting a bit out of hand lately. I am working on several websites. For now free lance, later maybe an own company.
    I like go to the movies. During my studying years I worked close to ten years part time in a movie theater. The now closed City Theater in Groningen. Some films I like are: The deer hunter, Awakenings, Sophie's choice, 37° le matin, Match factory girl, Boyz 'n the hood, Pulp fiction, to name just a few. Amidst the ubiquitous pulp on TV you'll find some agreeable films. Or nice series like ER, Murder One, Friends, Seinfeld, Ally McBeal, The Sopranos.
    I am not very much of a sports fanatic. I like long walks, along the canals or in town. I sometimes ride a racing bike in the summer. Years ago I would ride for more than an hour a day. Nowadays it's more for fun, only when the weather is good enough.
    I like music, but mainly listening. I have played classical guitar for years, I am quite musical. I like to listen to the more 'heavy' rock music. You could think of The Offspring, Nirvana, Red hot chili peppers, Stiltskin, Cranberries, and the like. I don't really like house music, but some albums are worth listening to, for example "Music for the jilted generation" from The Prodigy.

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